Irrigation Training Modules

Water Treatment Systems for Pre-Harvest Use

Explore four treatment methods for cleaning irrigation water for fruits and vegetables and practice testing water with the Test Strip Lab. Learn the ins and outs of each method so you can choose and implement treatment appropriate to your situation while continuing to validate, verify and monitor your process.

Animated Videos Test Strip Lab

Interactive: Test Strip Lab

Hand stirring the water in a cup for Test Strip Lab Iteractive

Learn how to accurately test chlorine levels in irrigation water and how to avoid common pitfalls of chlorine testing systems.

Available on the web and on the app store.

Mobile Units for Disinfection

These videos were created as part of a training program for food producers who are making decisions about water treatment systems. They are designed to be used in connection with Mobile Unit for Disinfection (MUD) trailers, so users can view the animations alongside the actual treatment equipment.

The actual treatment equipment on the Mobile disinfection Unit (MUD) trailer.